Food & Beverage (Non Alcoholic) Sampling

Food & Beverage (Non Alcoholic) Sampling

The Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre reserves the sole right for the provision of Food and Beverage within the building.

To sample food or beverages at the venue you must submit a Food Sampling Request form through the BCEC Online Portal for Management approval.(Please select FoodTech Qld. The form can be found and uploaded on the Sampling Guidelines page)

Please Note:
• Samples must be items which relate to the normal business operations of the exhibitor
• Exhibitors who submit forms late risk not being able to sample their products
• Extra cleaning charges incurred through spillage or the removal of food/wet waste will be the responsibility of the Exhibitor

In addition to a BCEC Food Sampling request form, you may be required to obtain a Temporary Food Stall License from the Brisbane City Council which can take up to 4 to 6 weeks to approve and will need to be submitted prior to your application to the BCEC.

The conditions of sale or supply of food are governed by the Food act, regulations and Brisbane City Council Eat Safe programme and food stall permit requirements.

You will need to inform the Event Organiser’s if you intend to cook on your stand. Please email the Event Coordinator for further information

Health Regulations

The following health requirements are applicable for exhibitor’s stands from which samples of food
or drink are promoted to the public.
• Perishable packaged foods are required to be refrigerated.
• Where unpackaged food is to be given away, openly stored, displayed and handled, the
following facilities and services need to be provided:
• A hand basin with hot and cold water.
• A refrigerated display and/or storage cabinet if the food is perishable.
• Glass or Perspex screens or sneeze guards to protect food from contamination.
• A washable impervious floor e.g. sheet vinyl.
• Where serving implements or utensils are used, a separate sink with hot and cold water
will be required.
• Where drainage and water is required, stands must be located with access to the
appropriate service pits.
• All eating and drinking utensils must be disposable (paper cups, plastic spoons, plastic wine
glasses) and must not be reused.
• When food or drink samples are given away for promotional purposes:
• They must be offered in such a manner as to avoid being handled by the public e.g.
portioned and toothpicks inserted.
• They should be protected from contamination, for example by the use of trays fitted with
plastic covers.
• Condiments such as sauces and mustards are to be contained in squeeze type
dispensers or individual sealed packets.
• For other than food related exhibitions, cooking of food by Exhibitors is prohibited unless
approved by the Centre. Early consultation with the BCEC Management is mandatory.
• Exhibitors must provide receptacles for rubbish collection. These receptacles must be located
within or near to the stand and the contents shall be disposed of in a manner approved by
Centre Management.
• All stands involved in the presentation of Food & Beverage must abide by the “Food Hygiene
Regulations 1989”. Please note extra cleaning charges may be imposed for the disposal and
cleaning of food and beverage waste.